Hello and Welcome! My name is Kris and I’m the owner of House of Photobooks. I started creating photo books back in 2014 and since I have a background in designing and a self-confessed creative junkie, creating my own photo book became a hobby and something I really enjoyed doing.

My first project was designing my own wedding photo book. It was a memorable day, lots of pictures! I remember being tagged on Facebook by our dear friends/family that I ended up saving all the photos in my icloud storage. I decided to give it as a gift to my husband on our wedding anniversary (of course, my supporting husband loved it!) I realize the kind of genuine happiness & unexplainable joy this precious gift can bring to a person, those who likes to cherish memorable moments and tend to enjoy reliving them in pictures.

Without a doubt, the photobook is one of my favorite gift option to my loved ones and from there I got asked questions like how I do it, how much time I spent doing it (despite my busy schedules) I just answered it’s time-consuming (Yes!) but it’s worth it! It’s very fulfilling every time I finished a book, I know it’s going to be treasured. And because of that, I thought this is something I can share to those who aren’t familiar with photobook or no time to even create one. That’s how I began offering photo book designing as a service and later on call it House of Photobooks.

I want to help everyone who is too busy or impatient to create their own book. I will do the work for you! This way, you will have all your memories in a beautiful custom photo book that you and your family can cherish forever without having to put in the hours!